Me n myself …. Only one life

Hi, let me start with my name, the first and most beautiful gift I got from my parents “ASHWANI ARORA”, I am in my mid forties and a marketing researcher by profession with 2 sweet kids and a caring women at home (my wife)

I always harnessed the thought of going on a sabbatical and exploring India on my own, in my own terms.

However till a month back this was just a thought that lingered in mind. Travelled I have, but in the most conventional way either for work or as Tourist.

It is only this year that I took 3 weeks off and planned a trip that appeals my senses more than ever. I wanted to be one with nature with as few humans as possible. A small beginning.

I hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the world! Its an amazing feeling.I am no authority and yet to master the traits. But enjoyment and fulfillment is anybody’s right.

Unlike most of the travelers who are excellent writers I am new to this, nevertheless the experience that I will share through visuals (edited by my friend Manish who is an avid photographer) may be as captivating as some of the writings by an avid full time travel blogger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My only agenda for this trip: To experience true bliss. . The longing effect made me think of going back to which is mine. So I decided to head first to Uttarakhand due to my childhood ties with the place Mussoorie.

So from here my journey begins ……… keep tuned to get more from my trip and beautiful Uttrakhand. 🙂

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