Leg 1- Faridabad – Kaudiyala – Devprayag-Khirsu-Pauri-Lakshman Jhula and back to Dehradun – “Kaudiyala”

It is February 9th I am sitting at home having no clue how would my sojourn be, delayed by a week already. Believing in God (some may wonder was I going to another planet). Well friends the destination and time chosen to travel bears a weak correlation but that’s the charm and the beauty for I wanted to experience pure tranquility.

Without thinking much began my journey faced jams at Kalindi and then Modinagar thereon the journey was smooth.

Kept moving…the first halt was at #Meerut Bypass had a grub at #Bikanerwala…and then started the onward journey.

The very first surprise was at the jasola itself where encountered 3 punctures on one tyre but that was it for the entire journey. The #Hyundai #verna I drove supported my cause all the way.

After driving for almost few hours I picked up my cousin from #Lakshmanjhula and headed towards #Shivpuri assuming we shall put up there but then thought the more distance we covered the better it is hence moved ahead and reached #Biyasi….

Stepped down to have a cup of tea, by now it was dark. The spot where I had the tea was a repeat of few years back when we (me and the team in a taxi) headed to New tehri took this route by mistake…less of technology advent at that point in time some 12 years back. The same place where we had tea and now I was doing a repeat. The tea was awesome but no guest house or halt for tourists.

The stall owner guided and suggested that #kaudiyala is a place we could find guest houses both private and run by the #GMVN.

The location is 4 kms from #Biyasi and is the place that had a liquor vend with no liquor vends ahead. Good to see and notice that liquor shops were not to be seen in abundance rather had to be searched and located.

At first instance missed to spot the #GMVN huts and moved slightly ahead to check some private guest houses however did not find them suitable in terms of hygiene, probably had some dinginess to them.

Also the very fact that this was my first day and hence my standard and expectations were higher as I was not accustomed by now and slightly less prepared to take these challenges that any traveler who is on exploratory and #adventurous tour undertakes.

But the owner when inquired on any other guest houses around with better amenities, we were immediately guided to the #GMVN saw the huts amazing clean huts with a separate drawing/dining area.

Bargained a deal and got the same for 1800 for the night. Checked in at 7:50 pm, an hour later than anticipated.

Very pleasant weather the sound of the river Ganga flowing besides, if I dare to use the word besides…made me think “shor ya shanti” yes we had debated this on one occasion when we were on an adventure road trip to solang valley…The question still lingers. The shor is so refreshing that it is as good as shanti.

well day ended on good note with lots of wishes from family and friends for trip and i also enjoyed drive from hustle bustle to the peaceful environment of the divine land. you could also enjoy the same by looking at some click of mine from day 1.


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