Devprayag – Where Ganges comes to life

10th Feb day 2

Woke up early but did not get up from the bed. Properly relaxed the aching back, for which I was undertaking physiotherapy and medicines, got some respite, body acknowledged the clean environment.

Had a few clicks of dear nature. The river the mountains, the cool warm weather were a welcome company. Each one was seeking my attention and was vying for space and their presence felt. How much could I absorb.

Treated myself with omelet slice and Mooli Parantha as raddish does not gel. Enhanced my knowledge from the staff that Airtel scores poor Vodafone is good however BSNL is the backbone though was sporadically functioning in past few days.

Put my entire luggage in the boot of the car with the help of staff and started for Dev Prayag at around 9:45 am.The luggage I had was more than most would carry but then I had this liberty as we were two passengers and the weather was supposed to be cold, extremely cold and then I was traveling for 3 weeks or so. Accustomed to bathe daily. carried good 10-12 pairs of briefs, half a dozen of hanky’s. Sweat shirts and jackets added to the weight but theek hai.

Then had a host of gadgets Go pro, camera, mobile devices, laptop, garuda etc.

There were lot of bottlenecks on account of road widening 4 dham project, which during my entire journey I heard about and was most talked and appreciated.The road construction the rock cutting all was going on at full pace and I should complement the way the traffic was managed by these guys, of course the travel time increase by some 50% if not more.

Now the blessed sunshine that was gracing the day was tempting,.I assumed the further off places, as I move, towards mountain destinations will be cooler and may be gloomy.

I had a reason to believe for having spent my childhood and some youth in Mussorie. I had seen how weather plays the unpredictable and have witnessed snow in late March as well.

But having stayed all these years I felt how little I know the place and the climate. My wife from Punjab proved more predictable regarding what clothes to add vs carry. I should have carried some more shirts and some less woolens

It was time to get up and get going for I had spent few hours in Devprayag. Saw the melange and formation of Ganga not for the first time though. The view was amazing. Had some soft drink on the way back from river front. First taste of small hiking left me breathless “oh my god “as if my lungs were out but I was prepared for more exciting walks and more tiredness.

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