Howz that … the tale of 2 episodes

More than the episode the underlying simplicity is soul touching

1) On my way from Devprayag to Srinagar thought to refuel, assuming there will be less number of pumps and very sporadic availability of fuel.  Something interesting happened this guy fills in the fuel not bothered to collect payment or swipe my card.Yes the digitization has shown its effect at all petrol pumps in the course of my journey all but one accepted the credit card .

I waited at the exit for almost 3 minutes for this guy to come, could be more could be less. The moment I left to washroom he whispered to my cousin hope this is a diesel operated vehicle I did not ask I just filled diesel. Innocence or honesty…call it whatever but simplicity of course.

2)  Adjacent to the Garhwal university in Srinagar is an ancient temple called kamleshwar Mahadev mandir.The temple priest when asked about the significance and importance of the place took keen interest and recited the shlokas that describe the temple and its significance. Most of it was Greek to me, but I enjoyed the Priest dedication and recitation, he was on his job full on.

We were informed that childless couples after praying here could conceit a child. There is a special day wherein couples offer prayers the entire night.Standing whole night is not less than any penance but for the children, couple does this. In the morning, the lamp is flown into the Alaknanda river and after this, Shiva is worshiped.

Every year more than 250+ childless couple come here from the different part of the country. I was being told that last year the number was over 400.

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