Day 3 – Rendezvous with Nature

Started at 11 from Khirsu towards Pauri. Pauri being some 16 kms from Khirsu, 4 kms prior is a road that leads to Nag Devta Temple. 2km ahead is the Kandoliya Temple…the same road leads to Dev Prayag.

Hardly any traffic…awesome weather, cool chilled natural water. On the way to the temple encountered a stadium. My advice is go to these shrines and temples even if you are an atheist…they will give you new highs..for they are on heights. The views from here are marvelous be it the mountain ranges the deodar forests or the drive itself…you will definitely  gain more. The captivating views are bound to linger with you for ages, I am sure. The names will not for just like me the memory for you may have started fading.Signs of aging at 44…poor memory makes loose count of good things done or visited.

Now let’s get back to the temple trail. The temple is Kyunkleshwar Temple is an 8th century temple. Encountered something interesting ..are laws of nature changing or say animals have started staying in harmony. At first spotted  few langoors and monkeys at a distance of 20 metres. My prudence suggested they should not co-exist…on my return saw monkeys chasing langoors, unusual but may be nature is changing as well may be we are ill informed.

Saw few locals at the parisar. Next day was Shivaratri hence the temple management was busy decorating.

The child’s innocence. A small child insisting his parents to give him the grapes offered by some devotee there to the lord and parents convincing him.I suggested as this is Prasad they may just pick and give the lad the grapes.

En route to Dehradun stopped at Teen Dhara where an amazing food was waiting have it as much as you can For INR 40. Variety galore Jai Ho India.

The onward journey begins @ 4:25. Checked in at Hotel Chanakya…Rishikesh- Badrinath Highway, Shivpuri, Distt. Good bargaining with off season is a big pay back and I made a good use of the same. Got a secret price deal from the manager.

It was my B’day as well. The day was Sunday the place was Rishikesh and yes the day I was actually born was Sunday and the Place Rishikesh. The life had come a full circle. Was feeling good and contented don’t know why. The feeling itself mattered to me.

About the hotel

Checked in at 7:10 pm room number 106 repeat of Kaudiala. The manager Mr. Garg is a nice guy. I had to capitalize on my affinity to Place Rishikesh.

Good deal undisclosed price…Bargain power be honest and upfront for it is an off season for them and people don’t mind earning something on a flat day. Told him I am on a Budget travel and that I needed to economize. People listen you they trust you but then you have to be honest.

Bargain failed at two properties but paid off in the 3rd one.

The manager got curious and wanted to know the purpose of my visit. When I told him that I am on an exploration trip he opened further and started sharing few valuable insights about the place and the tourists…

March to June as per him is the peak when Indian travelers dominate. The Foreigners are aligned from September to February.

Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula have hordes of visitors in February.

Foreigners are in for Yoga , Aarti, Parmarth Niketan, Panchkarma and meditation and they become the key attraction points..

#Maggi seems to be an all pervasive food guys this was the start and till the end the dear Maggi was everywhere filling tummies and satiating hunger. It is on the menu list right from corner street #Dhaba to restaurants there.

As the expansion work is on full throttle….certain road discipline is expected of drivers. I saw a great civic and road sense prevalent minus few of My Dilliwala’s and HR numbers who wanted to jump the wagon and reach first.

Come on guys respect the serenity and values that larger people depict here.

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