Day 4 – Of Memories and Moments

Went to lakshman jhula more with the intent to have a stroll, see the swarg ashram may be from outside and most importantly B’fast at chotiwala…

Had a walk from lakshman Jhula till Ram jhula …2km each side rain gods graced the day and greeted my way.Saw lot of firangs as cited by Mr. garg.

 Spotted Chotiwala now there were two Chotiwala’s adjacent to each other, got into dilemma which is original.Soon went to one of the local shops and inquired, was told can go to any of the two both are brothers and equally good.this syndrome of division I also observed which I will talk in subsequent writing. How orchards are becoming smaller by the day.

The food I would rate 8/10 but hygiene was poor especially the utensils not of the standard we are used to in terms of grease free etc. and no way close to what the local dhabas on hills serve you in.

The choti wala guy the clone that they use , to advertise was also having his grub….

Now the time was to meet greet the family folks and hence started my journey to Dehradun I would rate the landscaping and greenery one amongst best when it comes to plains. Ultimate pleasure surely somethings money can’t buy.

Stayed in Dehradun the first leg ends much ahead of what I had planned, less adventurous than I would have wanted but still it had its moments of truth and the memories still linger though it has been a month of sorts or rather 3 weeks

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