About Nature, Walks and childhood


Queen of Hills it is….Mussoorie is the place. Well it happens to be the place I spent my childhood and youth. The desire to feature amongst successful people pushed me to Delhi.Rather it was a personal choice and coveted. In pursuit of worldy pleasures I sacrificed the small little things that nature offers and became a Dilliwala.


This june I got lucky, no fortune discovered but it was no less a feeling. Not that I haven’t been to Mussoorie all these years. After all I have a house there but of late I have been an occasional visitor and that too confined to few kilometers in and around the mall.


This time I thought to rewind the childhood and on the itinerary was to take my kids and recite them all stories associated to the places I wanted them to go with me. On the agenda was my Alma mater St. George’s college,followed with Dhanaulti , George Everest , Bhatta Falls and clouds end.


As chance would have it, of all the places planned I could manage to just go to George Everest. Well if I take a positive view I got a second chance to visit the place.School visit did not work out for the holidays were on.Dhanaulti was ruled out as someone known passed for heavenly abode.So I had to be contended with the solitary outing. The Everest House is located at a distance of approximately 8 km from Mussoorie and is a short drive away.


I really had to figure out the approach road to Sir George Everest Hill.Well being peak season in Hills the infrastructure is overloaded and with it comes its own challenges the biggest being traffic snarls.

I packed my car with 9 people including self. Mainly kids… my own, nieces, nephews. Drove from Camel’s back road to library to reach the Waverley gate. Had to halt there for around 20 minutes on account of Jam.The term Jam takes back again to school when we used to have combined Jam sessions with Waverley girls on their Fete.


Reached Hathipaon post driving for 8kms…but missed the cut to George Everest rather drove further.Had to come back.The road was not great for Motor commute but good to walk. Drove car to some distance say .75 kms, but thought walking would be a better option. Next 1.5 kms or so was covered on foot as the terrain suited SUVs and I was on a sedan.Kids enjoyed some of it… the walk and complained on certain patches. It took us some 40 minutes to reach the spot.


Photographs and picture session continued during the trail. There was lot of visitors, beyond imagination. The place seems to have caught the fancy of Youth who were in hordes as friends, couples or whatever.

Activa’s dominated the parking of sorts. The weather was perfect and complimenting but yes the mist and fog caused us to miss the view from the Top of the hill. We struggled to enjoy the complete view but the walk, the green surroundings and more natural sights relaxed me fully.We ate in the local shacks the Good maggi and teamed with some Tiger Biscuits.

Though much of the Building has been in shambles but you shall be assured of Serenity the Views that could be expected from hills and which you don’t find in Town anymore especially in Summers due to maddening crowd.