Devprayag – Where Ganges comes to life

10th Feb day 2

Woke up early but did not get up from the bed. Properly relaxed the aching back, for which I was undertaking physiotherapy and medicines, got some respite, body acknowledged the clean environment.

Had a few clicks of dear nature. The river the mountains, the cool warm weather were a welcome company. Each one was seeking my attention and was vying for space and their presence felt. How much could I absorb.

Treated myself with omelet slice and Mooli Parantha as raddish does not gel. Enhanced my knowledge from the staff that Airtel scores poor Vodafone is good however BSNL is the backbone though was sporadically functioning in past few days.

Put my entire luggage in the boot of the car with the help of staff and started for Dev Prayag at around 9:45 am.The luggage I had was more than most would carry but then I had this liberty as we were two passengers and the weather was supposed to be cold, extremely cold and then I was traveling for 3 weeks or so. Accustomed to bathe daily. carried good 10-12 pairs of briefs, half a dozen of hanky’s. Sweat shirts and jackets added to the weight but theek hai.

Then had a host of gadgets Go pro, camera, mobile devices, laptop, garuda etc.

There were lot of bottlenecks on account of road widening 4 dham project, which during my entire journey I heard about and was most talked and appreciated.The road construction the rock cutting all was going on at full pace and I should complement the way the traffic was managed by these guys, of course the travel time increase by some 50% if not more.

Now the blessed sunshine that was gracing the day was tempting,.I assumed the further off places, as I move, towards mountain destinations will be cooler and may be gloomy.

I had a reason to believe for having spent my childhood and some youth in Mussorie. I had seen how weather plays the unpredictable and have witnessed snow in late March as well.

But having stayed all these years I felt how little I know the place and the climate. My wife from Punjab proved more predictable regarding what clothes to add vs carry. I should have carried some more shirts and some less woolens

It was time to get up and get going for I had spent few hours in Devprayag. Saw the melange and formation of Ganga not for the first time though. The view was amazing. Had some soft drink on the way back from river front. First taste of small hiking left me breathless “oh my god “as if my lungs were out but I was prepared for more exciting walks and more tiredness.

Leg 1- Faridabad – Kaudiyala – Devprayag-Khirsu-Pauri-Lakshman Jhula and back to Dehradun – “Kaudiyala”

It is February 9th I am sitting at home having no clue how would my sojourn be, delayed by a week already. Believing in God (some may wonder was I going to another planet). Well friends the destination and time chosen to travel bears a weak correlation but that’s the charm and the beauty for I wanted to experience pure tranquility.

Without thinking much began my journey faced jams at Kalindi and then Modinagar thereon the journey was smooth.

Kept moving…the first halt was at #Meerut Bypass had a grub at #Bikanerwala…and then started the onward journey.

The very first surprise was at the jasola itself where encountered 3 punctures on one tyre but that was it for the entire journey. The #Hyundai #verna I drove supported my cause all the way.

After driving for almost few hours I picked up my cousin from #Lakshmanjhula and headed towards #Shivpuri assuming we shall put up there but then thought the more distance we covered the better it is hence moved ahead and reached #Biyasi….

Stepped down to have a cup of tea, by now it was dark. The spot where I had the tea was a repeat of few years back when we (me and the team in a taxi) headed to New tehri took this route by mistake…less of technology advent at that point in time some 12 years back. The same place where we had tea and now I was doing a repeat. The tea was awesome but no guest house or halt for tourists.

The stall owner guided and suggested that #kaudiyala is a place we could find guest houses both private and run by the #GMVN.

The location is 4 kms from #Biyasi and is the place that had a liquor vend with no liquor vends ahead. Good to see and notice that liquor shops were not to be seen in abundance rather had to be searched and located.

At first instance missed to spot the #GMVN huts and moved slightly ahead to check some private guest houses however did not find them suitable in terms of hygiene, probably had some dinginess to them.

Also the very fact that this was my first day and hence my standard and expectations were higher as I was not accustomed by now and slightly less prepared to take these challenges that any traveler who is on exploratory and #adventurous tour undertakes.

But the owner when inquired on any other guest houses around with better amenities, we were immediately guided to the #GMVN saw the huts amazing clean huts with a separate drawing/dining area.

Bargained a deal and got the same for 1800 for the night. Checked in at 7:50 pm, an hour later than anticipated.

Very pleasant weather the sound of the river Ganga flowing besides, if I dare to use the word besides…made me think “shor ya shanti” yes we had debated this on one occasion when we were on an adventure road trip to solang valley…The question still lingers. The shor is so refreshing that it is as good as shanti.

well day ended on good note with lots of wishes from family and friends for trip and i also enjoyed drive from hustle bustle to the peaceful environment of the divine land. you could also enjoy the same by looking at some click of mine from day 1.


Nature Beckons

Traveling indeed is an amazing experience for it opens the mind, refreshes and brings out life’s new dimensions. Just like others I have travelled lot on work and or with family.

But this time I heard my inner self which wanted me to be heading – alone.

The nature offers you an unparalleled experience and that’s the true charm. you may bask in sun and feel the surroundings soDSC03300

beautiful that you lose yourself. Fresh water streams become your water source and local

dhabas your favourite eateries offering you basic yet pure food.

I always believed and loved the nature. I think it is in my blood.My favourite pastime and hobby was and is to explore and be with nature. It brings in fresh energy in me.

Whether I was on foot or in a car, whenever I saw something interesting, I explored it.  I met and struck good conversations with locals, walked the forest trenches with mountain dogs, gazed at beautiful fields and pristine mountains, and spent time in some solitude.

I can’t think of a moment when I’ve experienced freedom more intensely than on this road trip. It gave me confidence to drive in any terrain, believe in self, prepared me for further trips and the biggest of all joy within.I am pepped up to take more frequent short breaks hope my wife and my peer boss does not read these lines.

The nature has bestowed us with so much to see and experience only if we open our eyes and ears to them. With every bit that I moved I felt  more joy the good scenes, the drive the aura of the place was all captivating.

I’ve come to these conclusions while traveling, but they’re just as applicable to everyday life. Money is no guarantee to attain fulfilment I saw many people healthy and more contended than possibly you and me would be.

Striking the work life balance  Follow your passion.



There are certain traits that I learnt– it made me realize that I can be solely responsible for myself, revel in my own company, learn as much from fleeting encounters as deep relationships, trust my gut yet put my faith in strangers, feel utterly free in my mind and soul. And for that feeling, I urge you to travel solo at least once in your life.

That’s it for now, let the action begin …. Get…..Set….Go……


Me n myself …. Only one life

Hi, let me start with my name, the first and most beautiful gift I got from my parents “ASHWANI ARORA”, I am in my mid forties and a marketing researcher by profession with 2 sweet kids and a caring women at home (my wife)

I always harnessed the thought of going on a sabbatical and exploring India on my own, in my own terms.

However till a month back this was just a thought that lingered in mind. Travelled I have, but in the most conventional way either for work or as Tourist.

It is only this year that I took 3 weeks off and planned a trip that appeals my senses more than ever. I wanted to be one with nature with as few humans as possible. A small beginning.

I hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the world! Its an amazing feeling.I am no authority and yet to master the traits. But enjoyment and fulfillment is anybody’s right.

Unlike most of the travelers who are excellent writers I am new to this, nevertheless the experience that I will share through visuals (edited by my friend Manish who is an avid photographer) may be as captivating as some of the writings by an avid full time travel blogger.

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My only agenda for this trip: To experience true bliss. . The longing effect made me think of going back to which is mine. So I decided to head first to Uttarakhand due to my childhood ties with the place Mussoorie.

So from here my journey begins ……… keep tuned to get more from my trip and beautiful Uttrakhand. 🙂